PLUS ELEMENT coaching is a self-discovery and transformational journey for the growth-ready, success-driven individual
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  • Lacking identity, feeling stuck and stifled?
  • Struggling to have a breakthrough in deciding which of the myriad of business ideas you have will work?
  • Held down by self-doubt and opinions of others? Too afraid to venture because of fear to fail again?
  • Want to lead but too afraid to step out? Ready to create, grow and become?
  • Ready to explore, embrace who you are and your infinite possibilities?

I’ll help you get clarity on what you want; and help you reawaken your innate edge to birth, grow, and sustain your vision of you!



Ibiwari Uloma Kemabonta, the founder and chief catalyst of PLUS ELEMENT serving as an igniter of the success potentials every individual possesses to succeed in life and in business. She passionately helps them discover, ignite and develop the edge that creates amazing results in their lives and businesses through transformational clarity, discovery, and empowerment sessions.

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Are you ready to excel and become great?

We can help you find, ignite and develop your PLUS ELEMENT. The innate edge that can help you reclaim your vision daily!



Youth Program

This program is tailor-made for teenagers of today! Why? There are 6 dreadful problems teenagers face which schools do not provide solutions to…
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Origami ships


Our certified coaching team will help you achieve clarity, set SMART goals and build stakeholder confidence…
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Ignite your plus element, define the strategies to grow your business path and achieve exponential success through our mastermind classes…
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Public Speaking

Public speaking is the process or act of performing a speech to a live audience. This type of speech is deliberately structured with three general purposes: to inform, to persuade and to entertain.
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